The Pros & Cons Of Using VR Porn

Over the course of the years, virtual reality has become one the latest trends to watch. The same goes for VR porn which a great deal of people are getting into. With smartphones having VR capability, more and more individuals are using the method. Many of those who use virtual reality, do so to watch pornography. Looking at hardcore porn videos through a virtual reality prism, is unlike anything most ever experienced or imagined. At the same time, there are also some drawbacks. Truthfully, like many other things in life which have good and bad, VR porn is no exception. There are several pros and cons that come with using virtual reality porn.

Unlike the past, people no longer have to purchase expensive equipment to use it. Particularly if they own a mobile device capable of handling VR. All a person needs is a pair of VR goggles that typically cost less than $50.00 in some cases. Before you begin to experiment with virtual reality porn, be sure that you are aware of the pros and cons that come with it.

Pros of Virtual Reality Sex

Ideal For Fetishes

Most people who watch porn will agree that there are endless weird, strange and wild fetishes. Some of them are even considered illegal in some countries and states. Yet when it comes to VR porn, it is one of the pros of it. Anyone who has fetishes, will enjoy them even more using VR. No one will be able to see what you are watching, no matter how crazy or wild it may be. One of the difficulties people who are into strange, illegal or wild fetishes have, is finding others like them. With VR porn, that is easier than ever. In a virtual reality world, it is much easier to find willing participants. This can help bring the person the kind of fetish relief they need. No matter how strange, weird or wild that fetish may be.

Great For The Handicapped

Being handicapped can be very difficult for people in the real world. With each handicap, there may be a limit to what a person can do. There are many who are physically incapable of doing things because of it. Furthermore, this often leads to those limitations taking place in the social world and sex. The great thing about VR sex is that it removes all of these things from the equation. A person who is handicapped can enjoy VR porn and VR sex just like everyone else. In the virtual world, all of these things are no longer an issue.

A Plus For Long Distance Relationships

It is safe to say that a great amount of those who use VR, have virtual reality sex. And that many of those who do so are in long-distance relationships. Through virtual reality, the distance between a couple is instantly erased. Furthermore, people are able to engage in VR sex and find the missing intimacy. Via VR, couples can see and feel each other as if they were right there in front of themselves. Some call VR sex, phone sex on steroids.

People Who Are Deformed

Physical deformities can be very difficult to deal with socially, mentally and emotionally. However, in the world of virtual reality, no one will ever see any of those things. A person can do whatever he or she wants, regardless of how they are deformed. Some will even call it great sexual therapy for people due to the benefits they can obtain.

Anyone Trying To Find A Partner

VR sex and porn are ideal for people with emotional disorders, sex offenders or those struggling to find a partner. Either of them may be unable or incapable of finding someone to have sex with. But when using virtual reality, none of those things matter. Impediments and barriers are removed which allow people to become someone else. Those who live in remote areas can also enjoy the benefits of VR porn and sex.

Cons of Virtual Reality Porn

VR Sickness

Some may call this cyber sickness or one that comes with using VR in general. Still, people who use VR too long can get cyber-sickness just like motion sickness. Virtual reality can lead to conflicts in the brain. In turn, a person will feel motion sickness, nauseated and other things.

Ignoring The Real World

For too many people, the world of virtual reality becomes more enjoyable than the real one. The result is that they tend to ignore others around them and the real world itself. They can also become socially incapable of dealing with others. Or at least unwilling to do so which leads to social disruption.

Addiction To VR Porn

As it stands now, there are many individuals who are addicted to regular porn. Since virtual reality porn is so much more surreal, it can become that much more addictive. Too much of anything can be harmful; including VR porn.