This year’s Springfest theme is LEGO. There are a lot of terrific events going on this week, which are the perfect distraction from thoughts of ominous finals and a rapidly-approaching graduation!

Here are 5 activities you do NOT want to miss out on:

Sunday 4/20:

Week-long Instagram Challenge kick-off

Tag @PCBSU and #bsuspringfest2014



Get your smartphones ready and your selfie face on. Flex dollars are scarce nowadays! Take the most creative picture at a Springfest event. The winner will be announced on April 25th at 10pm on Program Committee Social Media. Grand prize: $25 flex dollars.  If I win, I’m definitely using the prize to buy some Lilly Pulitzer goodies from the bookstore.

Monday 4/21:

Carnival: 4-8 PM in Moakley Lot


At last year’s carnival I got to know my future roommates, got a super cute Springfest t-shirt, ate way too much cotton candy, and got to go on the SWINGS.  This year it is also featuring a mini-involvement fair.

Tuesday 4/22:

Drive-in movie night: The Lego Movie, 8-10:30 PM in the RCC fountain area


This is another classic event! And of course, the featured film is The Lego Movie! Bring your blankets, pillows, and some friends and get ready for FREE movie candy and FREE food.

Thursday 4/24:

Comedy Central at BSU: 8-10 PM in Tinsley Center


This year three comedians are coming our way: Judah Friedlander, Nikki Glasser, and Kevin Barnette!

You must enter with a valid BSU ID, and guests 18+ are permitted!

Saturday 4/26:

New York City Trip: departs at 6 PM from the RCC

$20 tickets in OSIL


Hopefully you’ve gotten your tickets because there will only be 2 buses for this trip! The bus will be leaving BSU at 6 AM and returning around 11 PM. Even though it’s a long day, there is nothing better than New York City in the spring!

Of course, these are all the classics, but there are a lot of super fun new events this year too! Want to see what you would look like as a Lego? Go get your Lego Caricature! Love a good grilled cheese? There’s a grilled cheese truck at the Clocktower on Tuesday night!


Which event are you looking forward to the most? What are your favorite Springfest memories?




In an era where technology drowns us and modern distractions are abundant, we tend to forget about the beauty behind all things simple and pure. This may sound awfully philosophical, but I actually just meant that in terms of music (SURPRISE). With all this advancement in musical technology, we get plagued with an overwhelming abundance of dubstep and dudes rapping over laser beams. Sure, I’m totally biased against these musical trends, and I totally understand that they’re doing something for someone out there.

But if you’re like me and can’t withstand more than a few minutes of robot noises and toilet sounds, then you’ve probably lent your ear to more traditional music. Amongst all this futuristic music, the traditions of the past tend to be overlooked and forgotten about. For this reason, when past musical styles are brought back again, they become new and fun.

The tucked-away styles of garage and psych music from the 60’s have become all the more relevant in the 21st century. Perhaps this is because of their welcoming contrast with modern music, or maybe it’s because the artists involved are actually having fun. Get yourself a thumping drum kit, a fuzzed-out guitar, and some reverb-drenched vocals and you’re ready for the stage.

CreaturoS is a local Boston act that definitely justifies this fun, plug-and-play mentality.

  • Having just released a video for their single “Going Out in Style” off their forthcoming record, CreaturoS show a promising future for both themselves and their genre.
  • Their musical improvement between records is apparent, and they’re sounding bigger and better without becoming tritely over-produced.
  • CreaturoS follow a credo of simplicity that has given them both a tantalizing sound and unforgettable live performance. Check it out for yourself!


CreaturoS shine a ray of musical light in a dark, dark digital age. If you seek this type of analog enlightenment (and you do), catch CreaturoS at the Middlesex Lounge this Sunday!

What do YOU think of CreaturoS? Do you think that sometimes the traditional music is better than modern music?



It’s here! It’s finally here! Sometimes my room gets stuffy and I have to crack open a window, my eyes are burning because of allergies, and last weekend I wrote my blog post outside while my 86-year-old grandfather lounged in a patio chair!


Goodbye, Polar Vortex! Au revoir, Ugg boots and long down jackets! Hello, music festivals, baseball games, and beach days!


Just kidding– you live in New England.


Which means that on Tuesday, just days after I swore I saw a hint of a tan, I faced a torrential downpour during my 40 minute commute to my internship at Reebok HQ and back.


I love sleeping most when it’s raining.  The soothing sounds and the smell are things I love so much that leaving the house on rainy days is my least favorite thing to do.  Driving is terrifying; my super stylish H&M trench doesn’t have a hood, (which is why I’m upgrading to this one by London Fog!) – and you haven’t seen what moisture does to my hair.


Luckily for me, my one true love manages to swoop in on every sad rainy day to lift my spirits and get me pumped for weather-appropriate attire and accessories. I love you, fashion! Once I get over the initial shock of having to face a rainy day, I look forward to marching across puddles in my rain boots, donning my Audrey Hepburn-esque trench, and having an excuse to wear a snuggly hoody.



Having the right timeless rainy day look can make any dreary day completely glamorous and fun. Stack on some delicate midi rings and chain bracelets with turquoise details to match the blue day! Invest in some neutral rain boots and pair them with warm socks. I personally hate seeing people out and about in flip flops on rainy days; I probably cringe when I see them. I also really really despise patterned rain boots – ESPECIALLY any type of tacky animal print. They’re so in your face, it’s impossible not to comment on them (so of course I’ve been forced to lie and compliment tacky rain boots when really I’ve just been startled by them.) And please, for the love of cupcakes – keep your umbrella neutral, too! I’m loving the transparent ones the most.




Does anyone else love the smell of rain as much as I do? What is your rainy day must have?