Apr 182018
5 Reasons why you should buy a virtual reality headset

Virtual Reality is currently the hot topic in the technology world. In the last few years, we have seen an explosion of VR-based technology and the public can now purchase a variety of awesome VR headsets and gadgets. Who would have ever imagined that this technology would have taken off in the way that it has? If you are considering purchasing a VR headset, we have provided 5 reasons to reinforce your decision – enjoy!

1. VR Headset technology has come a long way

If you purchased a VR headset maybe 5 years ago then you would have been hugely disappointed – when the technology was in its infancy it was really basic and the VR experience was novel more than functional. In the last few years, however, VR headsets have progressed hugely and we now have a range of superb models that are both comfortable and technically sound. If you purchase a VR headset today, you will not be disappointed with the end results.

2. Price wars mean great discounts on VR technology

When modern VR headsets were first developed, the price tag was huge. As with any new technology, the initial release is usually expensive as it can be a gamble. Producers have no guarantee that their device will sell and therefore sell at a premium rate. As the technology has seen great success, however, and competition has stiffened, we have seen a price war erupt. Most VR headset distributors have now reduced their prices by a minimum of 20% and thus you can pick up a device for a reasonable price!

3. You can immerse yourself in spectacular VR worlds

This is obviously one of the biggest reasons to purchase a VR headset – who wouldn’t want to explore vast open VR worlds and do things that you could only dream of? A VR headset opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities and allows you to do some truly spectacular things. As the technology continues to develop, we are witnessing a host of new apps and games being released and our VR experience will only improve in the future.

4. You can fly around the world in Google Earth!

We admit this is a slight novel reason for purchasing a VR headset but it is still epic! Have you ever wanted to simply fly from New York to London in a matter of seconds and go from viewing the Empire State Building to the Shard in mere minutes? VR Google Earth is spectacular – there is no other way to describe it. You can literally zoom around the world, and then even change to street view mode – it’s an all-encompassing experience that lets you view our world in a different light.

5. You can play some awesome games such as Chronos and Hover Junkers

Last but certainly not least, aside from apps such as Google Earth, you can also play some superb games using VR headsets. There are a plethora of magnificent titles such as LA Noire, Chronos, Hover Junkers and Star Trek: Bridge Crew that utilize VR technology. Star Trek: Bridge Crew, for example, allows you to literally take control of the Enterprise in a mind-boggling immersive VR experience.

By now, you should really understand why a VR headset is a must! Why not have a look at some of the VR headsets available on the market today and enter a new and exciting virtual world?

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