1. You have time. I was a busy girl this year, with 30+ working hours, 16 unpaid internship hours, 20 credits, and a couple of extra-curricular organizations. I used to think that I didn’t have time to be involved, to work, or to take more classes. But you have time. It’s just a matter of scheduling, prioritizing, and using Google calendar.


  1. Coffee is the best beverage in the whole world. My Keurig has become vital to my existence. I just started to frequent Marylou’s this year, occasionally double-fisting coffees on my morning commute to my internship. Large iced French vanilla/hazelnut, please.


  1. Drink green tea. I might have had time this semester, but I did not have time to be sick. This year I figured out how to combat oncoming illnesses – I think. But literally every time I felt like some cold/sinus/yucky thing was starting to happen I would switch from coffee to green tea and honey and it’d end without me being put on the sidelines.


  1. The phenomenon of unpaid internships needs to end. I have a feeling that unpaid internships will be on their way out in coming years. Having done one, I didn’t feel like it was a totally just experience or practice. But everyone is so desperate for the experience! I applied for a temp job, interviewed, was sent home with material to familiarize myself with the company’s tone/brand, and was enthusiastically told I’d hear back within the week. Then I was emailed and informed that they brought on an intern instead of hiring someone.


  1. But do intern. Kind of. It depends on the company, the compensation, and the workload they expect you to fulfill. I wouldn’t have done 16 hours/week unpaid, with a 40-minute commute for any company – but because of the brand I was interning with I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.senior6
  1. When interning: even if you aren’t being paid, work as if you are. My internship was rough. The commute, time commitment, and nature of the internship and office environment were all a little discouraging and sometimes I wished I had Tuesdays and Thursdays to apply for jobs or do school work. But because I did my best and networked onsite, I was offered a temp job at the end of my internship.


  1. Take good care of yourself. This year I bought my first gym membership after 3 years of eating pizza and not exercising. I started eating clean and staring longingly at pizza most days, instead of devouring it. I became a strong believer in manicures because a good gel mani can polish up any look. (Even when you’re running on 5 hours of sleep in yoga pants clinging to an iced coffee.) I was ridiculously busy and on the go, but never felt better.


What did you learn this year? What will be your goals for the next academic year?


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Mama, My Friend

by Alexandra Puffer on May 1, 2014


Alright, brats- Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Honestly, I hadn’t paid much attention to Mother’s Day since my fourth grade girl scout troop when I painted my mom a bird house, but last spring all of a sudden it got really, really important. It kind of freaks me out when I start to think really deeply about all that my mom has done for me. Not even just the repulsive physical creation part – but like every. thing.


My mom has always been my biggest advocate. Financially and academically she was a fierce momma bear when it came to anyone standing in the way of opportunity for my sister and me. With her green card, straight up foreign as hell upbringing, my mom values family and opportunity above everything. Very often she values these things for us above her own wellbeing and happiness. Being a teenager in our 3-girl house was often rough. I had a huge crush on a boy who smoked cigarettes and had a lip ring when I was fifteen, so my mom sent me away to an all-girls math camp at Mount Holyoke College one summer. She will never live that down.


Last year I listened to Mama by the genius that is the Spice Girls for the first time since 1998. And finally, I understood everything.

“She used to be my only enemy and never let me free,

Catching me in places that I know I shouldn’t be,

Every other day I crossed the line, I didn’t mean to be so bad…”


While I was home for Easter last weekend my kindergarten best friend came over to catch up. We sat at my dining room table, where we’ve sat together since 1996 when our feet couldn’t reach the floor, and freaked out about our upcoming graduations and life in general. We talked about our families, the world, how scary everything is, and what it will be like when we have families. The more we talked about it, the more we died laughing because it has come full circle. I am my mother. I hope. Her infinite energy, unwavering morals, and natural beauty are only a few things I would love to inherit.


Here are some qualities I’ve picked up as a result of my mom’s parenting and some sweet corresponding Mother’s Day gifts to go with them!

  • Always writing thank you notes, and loving writing thank you notes. It used to be a huge chore and I hated that none of my friends were ever forced to write notes for hours. Writing and sending notes – especially after a holiday – is a huge, tedious task – but it feels really good once you’re through to know that your sweet, well-written note is about to make someone’s day and help them feel super appreciated!


  • Elegant and crisp style. My mom loves classic pieces that can keep modern in a wardrobe for years. She’s taught me to appreciate quality over quantity of wardrobe staples, the magic of cardigans, a nice accent scarf, and she never wears shoes that aren’t sensible. Even during our worst times we were always able to bond over the excitement of buying a new cardigan.

rcc 7

  • Fresh flowers in the home. I love so many things about our home. My mother is a great interior designer, our furniture is antique, there are lace runners made by my grandmother on our tables, and lots of soft lighting.


  • How to treat yourself (& not rely on a man to!). My mom believes in buying herself jewelry, or a nice mani/pedi on a bad day. Last week after a conversation about love and dating with a roommate, she pointed out that I spoil myself with fresh bouquets and treats. It’s nice to be able to treat myself, and not need a man to.

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  • How to take care of my body. Growing up I was always super envious of everyone else’s Lunchables, Hi-C juiceboxes, and fruit rollups. My mom usually packed a water bottle, apple sauce, and turkey sandwiches. My mom also runs most mornings, runs races, and does something called Boot Camp at our local YMCA. This semester when I bought a gym membership and started picking grilled chicken over tacos I had a fitness role model to look to.


To shop the looks check out the sets on my Polyvore here.

What is the most ridiculous Mother’s Day gift you were forced to make as a kid? What is one thing about your parents you love to admit to having as an adult?


Spring is right around the corner and hopefully it will warm up soon! When the weather gets nicer, people tend to become a bit more active and break out of their winter hibernation. Every college student is always trying to walk the thin line between being healthy, being in school and work, and having a job. With just a few days until spring break, here are a few tips to help you become a better person this season.

Getting Healthy

We hear it all the time, but how many of us really take getting active and healthy seriously? Well, we should because being healthy has been directly linked with our motivation and ability to learn. So, how can we stay healthy as student?

There is a state-of-the-art fitness room right on campus in the Tinsley Center, but why isn’t everyone using it? All the machines are great and easy to use, even if you’ve never gone before. I know a lot of students don’t want to pay for access to the facility, but the pass is good for a whole year and if you have the school’s health insurance plan, they will reimburse you for it!

Another thing we can all do to stay healthy is manage what we eat. A lot of times students will go for the chicken tenders, cheeseburger, or fries because it’s quick and easy, but the after-affects are rarely ever worth it. Why not try a chicken caesar salad or a sandwich instead? If you’re really feeling like eating extra-healthy, all dining halls have vegetarian options each day. You could even do something as simple as choosing whole wheat bread over white, or milk over soda. Every bit can make a difference.

Getting Organized and Staying on Track

I’m not really sure how some students make it through college without a planner or some sort. With four to six classes on your weekly schedule, it’s impossible to remember everything without writing it down. Planners are cheap and easy to carry around with you. Even smart phones and tables have planners apps, so download one and take advantage of it.

Remember college is a balancing act, it’s about finding time for all the things you need to do combined with all the things you want to do. Being healthy and organized can really help you reach your goals.

Do YOU have any tips about being healthy or organized? In what ways do you stay active and on track?