Hey schoolmates! Break out your calendars and a faint-inducing sharpie and mark yourself a nice fat vaca right in the middle of your summer. Because you know why? You deserve it.

Being a college student is hard! Showing up late to class all week and successfully pulling off sweatpants three days in a row is tough work, let me tell you. And you need a break!

Lucky for all you devils out there, I have made a list of 5 pre-grouped summer travel options completed with accommodations and list prices attached. Could I be any nicer? Jeez, it’s like your birthday or something …


So, you’re a country bumpkin:

If hay chewin’ and bag grammar are more your speed, cowboy do I have a place for you. Bonnaroo Music Festival located in rootin’ tootin’ Tennessee, of course. Bonnaroo is a 4-day music festival that will do one of two things: give you the best weekend of your whole entire life OR play so many Luke Brian songs that you scream in terror at even the sight of a plaid shirt. Either way, it’s worth finding out.

Suggested Accommodation: Tent

Price: $$


You pop both your polo collars:

Ahoy self-entitled yuppie wanabee! Do you wear your boat shoes with no socks and have more polos in your closet than Ralph Lauren himself? Well then you need to head to my 12th favorite American city, Newport, Rhode Island. Chances are you’ve already been here, but if not, take a mansion tour and pick out one for your summer cottage.

Suggested Accommodation: Yacht

Price: $$$$$


Oh, you hike during your free time?

Are you one of those “outdoorsy” people that actually ARE outdoorsy and don’t just say that on dating profiles because you consider emptying the cat litter box once a week a moderate-strenuous fitness level? Oh, you are? Good for you and your $48 yoga pants.

How about you go spend a weekend with other kale-eating adventure-seekers white water rafting in Maine?Tell your friend Bear Grills I made it to day 8 of the 30-day ab challenge, so there.

Suggested Accommodation: I don’t know, can’t you guys MacGyver a hammock out of your shower caddy or something?

Price Range: $


You know 3 different languages and at least 12 ways to tie a scarf:

For those of you “worldly” types, I need to give you a suggestion that will just take you completely out of your comfort zone. I’ve got it! Canada.

Alright, so it’s only a few hours away, but those crepe-eating mimes up in Quebec really make you feel like you’re standing in a completely different country… oh, wait. Don’t worry if you don’t speak French; riding around in public transportation for hours unable to read street signs will only make you stronger. And by that, I mean carsick.

Suggested Accommodation: A quaint villa complete with over-sized headboard.

Price: $$$


You’re a party pooper:

Wait, you mean to tell me that none of these appealed to you? No, its fine, I’m not offended …

I suppose you could just grab a group of your pals and head to Buzzards Bay.  Eating sandwiches more filled with sand than tuna and gashing your feet open on rock shards just to reach the -28 degree shark-infested water is always fun.  Make sure to get at least 3 gulps of sea water in your mouth and 2 clods of seaweed wrapped between your fingers for good measure. It isn’t summer in Massachusetts unless you have to wait to swim till August 28th to avoid hypothermia.

Not that any could beat mine, but do you have any more suggestions? A place you return to every year?



Can you imagine living in a house that has less square footage than your dorm room? Maybe not. But some people do and absolutely love it! There is a whole Tiny House Movement that has been rapidly growing and spreading across the globe.


Tiny houses are wonderful because they are cheap, have low impact on the environment (if any), and are many times even portable!


These dwellings are perfect for people who wish to downsize or simplify their lives, are eco-conscious, or have a lot of debt (sound familiar?).

Typically, it is one or two people who choose to live in these types of houses, although there have definitely been a growing number of families that are choosing to live this type of lifestyle. GO THEM!


A typical layout may look like this, although I’ve seen really creative ones such as tree houses and retro campers.


Something totally awesome that the Tiny House Movement has done is help to eradicate homelessness. Because tiny houses are so cheap to build and easy to construct, a few dozen volunteers can build up to ten houses in a weekend! They are also great for veterans, families of low income, and people who spend a lot of time working or traveling.

Most of these houses are completely self-sufficient and are also very cheap to live in. Many people rent a plot of land and hook up their amenities with very little cost. And as soon as they are bored with the scene, they can up and move anytime they want! How totally desirable.

Fitting your entire life into a house under 200 square feet may not be for everyone. But it is definitely something to consider in the future when you are constructing your own home. Maybe by building a smaller kitchen, or one less bedroom. All of these things can really add up in lowering our impact on the environment, saving money, and having all-around simpler lifestyles. Can I get an amen to that!

Could you ever live in a tiny house? What would be your hardest thing to give up?


Post image for The 4 Professors You’ll Meet in College

We’ve all been sitting in class, listening to a lecture, and just had that little, fleeting thought of “I’ve seen you before.”

The idea is quickly wiped away, because how could we have possibly met every professor we have ever come across? That’s ridiculous.

Well, no it wouldn’t be.

Most professors you’ll take will come in one of, or a combination of, four distinct types of professor.

And I’m going to tell you what they are.

Number 1 – The Buddy

This professor quickly becomes a bizarre version of a friend.

They just seem to get it, you know? They’re laid back, don’t hound you for coming in five minutes late, and a few class periods are spent more on how you feel about what you’re learning as opposed to hard facts.

Pros: You will always feel comfortable talking to this teacher. This is one class where you’ll feel okay opening up, speaking your mind, and being wrong. These types of classes can be really great ways to get over fears of expressing your ideas.

Cons: If you, or anyone else in the class, decide to be a douche, this teacher has to come down. Hard. That little world of open ideas and easy conversation? Gone.

Tips: Read the social cues of the situation. If you can relax, relax. If not, be sure to be respectful.

Number 2 – The Commander

This professor is in charge, and you know it.

You miss one day of class? Get the fuck out.

You’re late? Don’t bother coming.

Your paper misuses a comma? F.

This professor is a massive hard-ass. Their classes run with military precision. Not one single second of class time is wasted.

Pros: This class will be organized. You will know everything you need to know exactly when you need to know it.

Cons: If you’re a free-thinker, like me (or as my friends like to tease, a flower child) this class will be difficult. All the rules will feel too constricting, and your grade will show for it.

Tips: Dot your I’s, cross your T’s, and stay on top of everything.

Number 3 – The Owl

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what Shakespeare left his wife in his will?

How about how many seconds it takes to get to the moon and back?

And what about all the deeper meanings behind that single comma in the poem you’re reading?

The Owl is full of wisdom. They can spout off facts and figures in the same way us normal humans could list the characters of Dishonored.



Owls are really smart.

Crazy smart.

Intimidatingly smart.

Pros: You will learn SO MUCH. You will be assaulted with knowledge day in and day out.

Cons: These professors tend to lecture. If you need to constantly be able to speak your mind, they are not the type for you.

Tips: If you’re having difficulties, see your professor in his/her office hours.

Number 4 – The Artist

This professor is a world traveler. A true embodiment of all the quips and quirks Hollywood has told us professors have.

Every day of this class is a performance. From removing their coat to passing out papers, every motion or word is extravagant.

The performer will hold your attention, but also turn the spotlight back onto you.

Questions aimed at them are generally returned with a “Well what do you think?”

Pros: This class will open up your imagination. It will make you think in ways you’ve never thought before.

Cons: If you don’t like “touchy-feely” type classes, this is totally wrong for you.

Tips: This professor’s dramatics will either enthrall you or disgust you; figure out which and go with your gut!

Happy Classes!

What is your favorite type of professor? What combinations of these types do you like?