Another year on the blog gone by. What was the best post for me this year?

I really enjoyed my President for a Day post this semester. It was only a few weeks ago, but it was easily one of my favorite pieces I have written for the blog. I mea,n an excuse to basically go on a full political rant? I’ll take that any day. The premise for it was real cool and fun to work with.

Another semester has gone by with my column, In Your Queue, and it seems that I learn more and more with each passing week. In the past few months, I have really been shifting my focus to where I always wanted to focus on: political documentaries. Although I have analyzed and reviewed a lot of movies outside of that spectrum, I think this is where I want my main writing for the column to do done in the future, as it is something I hope to carry one for myself after I leave BSU.

I’m a Junior soon to be a Senior and the “real world” is suddenly becoming a real thing.

People keep asking me about my “plans”.

Non-fiction writer, DUH!

So, I am currently studying creative writing and have done a lot of it in the past. I am planning on applying for MFA programs after school, but it wasn’t until this year that I discovered my love for non-fiction. I was exposed to some great work in my Senior capstone class for writing concentrations and instantly loved it. Still, I wasn’t sure that I could excel in this writing style after only really being brought up on fiction.

But then I was like…

“You write for the RCC Blog, stupid. That is non-fiction writing!” I’ve now been looking back at posts I wrote years ago for inspiration for new non-fiction pieces. So if you are interested in that kind of writing, the blog may have a spot for you.


So far my summer plans only extend about two weeks after classes end because after that, I am off to ENGLAND! I’m excited! I’m traveling with a study tour for about two weeks and we are traveling around England with three professors: Dr. Ellen Scheible. Dr. Sexton, and Dr. Carson. They’re all awesome, and it’s going to be a blast!

I’ve never traveled internationally before (I took a cruise at the end of high school, but they don’t count), so I’m really excited to have my first trip across the pond under my belt by next year. I hope my last year at Bridgewater also includes a trip to Ireland in the winter, but I’ll have to wait and see. For now, England is enough to occupy my mind.

Also, I can’t wait to get to the beach. Have a great summer!

How is your semester winding down? What’s your favorite blog post this year? Any big summer plans? Travel tips?


BSU Unknown Clubs

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by MelanieMitchell on April 29, 2013

Like most other colleges, BSU has its Biology Club, Program Committee, and intramural sports. We always hear about these organizations, but there are some little-known clubs that have either just started or that fly under the radar.


Cheese Connoisseurs Club: Heck, I like cheese myself. But I thought I would have to travel as far as Wisconsin to show my devotion. Not so! BSU has its own fancy club for all of the cheese heads on campus. The self-described “aficionados” learn about cheese in diverse cultures as well as the importance of cheese in past and present society. For instance, did you know that some 4,000+ year old cheese was found in an Egyptian tomb? And of course, the connoisseurs wouldn’t let you down with their all-anticipated taste testing. At a recent meeting they had mac & cheese, quesadillas, and cheese balls. So if you’re a “cheez whiz,” check out this new club!

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 11.15.43 PM

Be Positive (B+) Foundation: This chapter at BSU was developed from the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, an organization created in memory of a 14 year old boy that was lost to Leukemia. After playing four soccer games in a row and helping his team to win the state championship, he went into cardiac arrest and discovered his condition. He was told by doctors that he probably wouldn’t live to see morning, but when he found out that his blood type was B+, he adopted the motto “be positive.” Incredibly, he survived for 167 more days. The B+ foundation was created to honor Andrew, to spread his positive attitude, to provide financial and emotional support to children with cancer, and to fund cancer research. BSU’s chapter is already working to organize “Dance to the Beat of a Cure,” a dance marathon fundraiser event. Our campus already has strong activism for cancer research from Relay For Life, so this is something for the community to look forward to next year!


Man Up Movement: This chapter at BSU is modeled after “Man Up Moment,” which was designed to redefine what it means to be a man and to tear down stereotypes against men, such as being violent, harboring negative attitudes toward women, or being unemotional. Sparked by author Carlos Andrés  Gomez’s Man Up, men around the world are now sharing their stories in YouTube videos about how they have felt limited by society’s expectations, and how they have taken a risk to be themselves. One YouTuber said, “When you’re honest with yourself, you can be honest with the world. And for many years, I wasn’t honest with myself.” But BSU’s chapter also includes women and seeks to make conversations, poetry, and memoirs to discuss taboo topics and to provide an outlet for people to be themselves. They encourage living outside of the box and personal freedom to express true emotion. If you’d like to get involved, contact Laura Lewis at


BSU Sign Language Club: Have you ever wondered what it is like to be deaf or hard of hearing? Maybe you have been fascinated by Sign and have wished that you could communicate with those who are deaf? You don’t have to take a class to learn American Sign Language (ASL). This organization on campus is for those of all Sign abilities, and is devoted to learning new signs as well as becoming more informed about Deaf culture. As ASL is the third most-used language in the U.S., it is an important skill for all kinds of professions.

Have you ever heard of these clubs? Would you join them? Are you in an unknown club on campus?


The Chill Zone at BSU

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by RCCGuest on April 18, 2013

{The following is a guest post submitted by Maeghan Femiak, a student in Professor Dave Copeland’s online writing class. If YOU’D like to get your work published on RCCblog, send Heidi an email.}

Calling all Bridgewater State students. “The Hub,” is a place to go hangout between classes, besides the dining halls, the library and if you’re a resident, your rooms. There’s almost something fun going on every day. Come watch the Kelly and Michael show, to find out the latest news. Find out what stress related workshop we are doing on Wednesday. Join us during our focus groups. Hangout and talk to the other students that are in the lounge. Find out what is going on at BSU. But don’t worry students you can have some quite time to study also.

When and where?

The Hub is located on the ground floor of Rondileau Campus Center, 19 Park Avenue, room 5, going towards the Bears den on the right hand side. It is run by the Commuter Services Offices. Opens at 9am every morning to 5pm. You can find out what’s happening that day in The Hub by following them on Facebook or by checking out their Twitter.

Free Breakfast!

WOW! Which stands for What’s On Wednesday, is an event sponsored by the Commuter Services. WOW offers free breakfast on these following days April 3rd, 17th and May 1st. Breakfast is free to all BSU students. Not only do you get to enjoy a free breakfast, eggs, bacon, home fries and with the choice of coffee or orange juice. But you also get to learn about what is going on at BSU, and put your thoughts out there. Learn how to start a club or learn how you can get involved. You’ll never know when

The Hub will be serving free lunch. So be sure to stop in and check it out. Also on Wednesdays they have different workshops like a stress management workshop, take quizzes to see what level of stress you are at, or even make your every own stress ball.

Helpful Forms

The Hub is a great place to find out information. They have the commuter rail MBTA schedule for all you students that want to take the train. If you are looking to withdraw from a class you can pick up a form at the Hub. Curious about where you can use your connect card, you can pick up a pamphlet and it will have a list of different places where connect cards are accepted.

The Hub will start having programs such as, game day, recipe sharing, a book club, self-care workshops and many more. If you have any ideas that you would like to contribute to the Hub, feel free to let them be heard. You won’t know what it fully has to offer if you not come down.