Halloween IS cool! Seriously, it’s many people’s favorite holiday!

The one time of year people are allowed to be totally spooky!

There is nothing more fun than being scared, except maybe going out dressed up like a cartoon character and having people give you candy…

But apparently we are all too old for that now.

But one thing the crushing weight of time and age did give us was the ability to appreciate a good Halloween movie.

So whether you’re sitting around waiting for trick-or-treaters, or getting your friends together for some good, old-fashioned October fun, here’s a guide to your ultimate Halloween movie night!

We’ll start off with the soft stuff, nostalgia films.

Halloweentown. If you haven’t seen this movie, I don’t even know if you had a childhood. This “Disney Channel Original Movie” (remember those!) follows Marnie and the Piper family’s journey with their grandmother into the magical land of Halloweentown! But spooky stuff is happening there. Can Marnie figure out what and try to stop it?!

This movie is just oozing with nostalgia, terrible jokes, and a perfect sense of family and fun. Gather your friends and snuggle up for an evening of adorable cuteness!

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s hit a few gorey moments, shall we?

Best New MovieThe Cabin in the Woods

Bonus points for this movie being by Joss Whedon!

The Cabin in the Woods takes all your favorite horror tropes. Eerie setting, college kids in the middle of a forest, the jock, the nerd, and the virgin. It follows all the same steps… except it doesn’t. And it is a BIG doesn’t. Beautifully made monsters with just enough dark humor, this is everything you can want from a late-night horror flick. Pair with popcorn and a comfy couch.

Best Asian HorrorDark Water

We all know the horror cliche of “The Ring Girl,” or the creepy chick with long black hair that comes and murders you, but this movie was one of the first to start it. This Japanese horror classic, considered one of the original “onryo” films, is a slow-burning thriller.

Yoshimi Matsubara, a woman attempting to get a divorce from her cruel husband, moves into a new apartment with her young daughter. But ominous things begin to happen surrounding the water in her new building. Is the spirit of a drowned child behind it? Or is Yoshimi simply on-edge about becoming a violent-novel proofreader? Certain moments will have you shrieking, but if you are looking for a jumpy, fast-paced thriller, this would not be the film for you.  I, however, absolutely adored it. This is a movie if you want alone time scares.

Number One Movie to Watch with FriendsShaun of the Dead

This is honestly the best zombie comedy ever made, and one the best movies to watch with friends. Zombie movies in general are awesome, but when you get a few things to laugh about they become that much better. Shaun of the the Dead follows two friends of… questionable intelligence in their attempt to rescue their friends and family during the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse. Their plan? “Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.” And things actually go according to plan… kind of. This film is laced with foreshadowing and jokes you won’t get on your first watch, making it a movie you’ll want to see over and over.

Happy Haunting!

What is your favorite movie to watch on Halloween? Are there any scary movies that you’d like to watch this season?



In this ever-advancing technological age we live in, the smartphone is becoming increasingly vital to merely getting through the day. Thanks to the innumerable amount of apps available currently, and the wide variety of functions they serve, the smartphone has became an essential part of any modern lifestyle. Bridgewater State has hopped up in the app game, making a program aimed at making the lives of all BSU students a tad less stressful. The BSU app serves many useful functions, and while having a few minor pitfalls, is without a doubt an extremely beneficial addition to anyone’s phone.

The most useful features I found are as follows:

  1. Class Schedule

    courseinfoLost college students, fear no more! Now, from the comfort of your own phone, you can view your class list, including room numbers and building names. This is a lifesaver if you (like myself) tend to forget where your classrooms are; now you can habitually check the app and never have to enter a classroom doubtfully again.

  1. Student List

    directoryAttached to your listed classes in the app, the names of enrolled students in class are visible as well. There are many social gains to be had through this feature: avoiding potentially awkward interchanges, seeing if your friends have the same class as you, or even just merely seeing the number of students enrolled. Granted, this shouldn’t be as an important feature as some will make it out to be, but after all, this is college and socialization is a key part of student life.

  1. Sports Calendar

    sportsnewsNow you can effortlessly checks all BSU team schedules from the app’s interface, both home and away. Instead of scrambling on the internet for game times, you can get info an any sporting event with just the press of a button.

  2. CancellationscancellationsBound to be everyone’s favorite feature, now you can now view canceled classes from the BSU app. But be forewarned: checking this feature repeatedly will not help you avoid that test you’re dreading.

5.   Faculty Directory


  • Finally, this feature allows you look to up the names and email of the entire BSU staff. Granted, its primary use will probably be sending professors last-minute emails, but nevertheless student/teacher communication is much more streamlined thanks to the BSU app.

The only major adjustment this app could benefit from is providing access to student email. Seeing as it does practically everything else a student would need, why not support BSU email as well? Regardless, this app is by all means a technological leap forward on the university’s behalf.

What are some other ways in which he BSU app has aided you? What changes would you make to the BSU app?


Best of @BSUproblems!

by RCCBlogger on October 11, 2013


For those the Tweet, we have all probably been amused by, or hopefully contributed to, the @BSUproblems Twitter page.

An open forum for students to bring up serious issues, or just get stuff off their chest, @BSUproblems provides a great space for students to blow off a little steam. But onto some of our favorite posts!


Ah yes, you can definitely spot a freshman a mile away. Lanyard season is most definitely upon us. New, first-time-from-home freshmen indeed walk amongst those of us who have been here long enough to watch the fear of being locked out of our building fade into a fear of  having no clue what to do once we move out of our building.

And the T shirts, the glorious free T shirts we all got during freshman orientation. I’m wearing mine as I’m writing this post! Though honestly, I wore my shirt less to show off my BSU pride and more because those shirts are really comfy.



Certainly not most of us. Me especially, but then again I don’t eat meat, so I can’t really say I count.  A good amount of posts were centered around food, and with college being a brand new environment, it is really easy to understand why.

And from that, breakfast should be served all day. All the time. At every eating establishment in existence.

Anyone that does not want pancakes at any point in the day is wrong and should be shunned from the community at large.


This is so true it’s painful.

But moving from casual jokes and complaints to serious, in-depth talk, it is truly the most wonderful time of the year.


That’s right everyone, the horde has descended upon us! Let the mighty undead rulers of our university know that I support their claim to the throne, and as blogger would be quite useful in the upcoming apocalypse.

And a number of BSU students have not only taken part in this in glorious, undead live-action roleplay, but have been keenly observing this phenomenon through a barrage of Nerf bullets and foam swords.


These attacks, however, do make it hard to wander around in a red shirt (a bright red, incredibly comfy, BSU shirt perhaps) without people with blue bandannas glaring at you cautiously.

But one thing I did not realize before taking on this post was the fact that we are not the only BSU on the BSU problems tag!

While stumbling through my research, I began to find posts regarding the weather in Boise, Idaho. And concerns with rolling blackouts and potato famines… perhaps the last part I’m imagining.


Nevertheless, Boise State University, hands down, receives the award for “Best BSU Problems Post”


Rex Stanley, telling it like it is, laying down the law, carving his own path.

Bravo to you Rex Stanley, bravo to you.

Do you tweet? What’s your biggest @BSU Problem?