Happy Summer!

by Jenn Carr on May 27, 2014


Hey, BSU!


Another year has just wrapped. Finals are over, ink has dried, grades have been posted and summer has (unofficially) begun. I hope everyone’s Memorial Day was safe and happy and reverent to those who serve and protect. My name’s Jenn and I’m taking the reigns as predecessor to the wonderful Melanie, who did a fantastic job as editor for the blog and who is, as you all know, among the most recent of BSU graduates!

It goes without saying that our newest alumni are heading off into the world with a great education and a community of faculty and classmates who will dearly miss their company and contributions to our school. Many of you graduates are good friends of mine, and it pains me to see you leave, but I am so proud of you and happy for you that you have earned that diploma, crossed that stage, and walked off not as an undergraduate student, but a graduate. You have worked hard through tests and essays, labs and papers, sunshine and rain. We have survived some pretty big bumps in the road as a community, and have supported one another.From Homecoming to Spingfest, year after year, BSU has been a place of education, entertainment, and camaraderie. With the guidance of professors and the help of so many, it has come time for many of you to venture on into the “real” world, be that the job-search or grad school. Congratulations, bravo, and good luck to all of you. I’ll be missing quite a few of you personally, and as a community we’ll miss your presence. I know you’ll make waves out there and represent our school as wonderful examples of the alumni we are so proud of.

                                                David W oliveira



As for me…
I’ve been at BSU since fall of 2010, and I haven’t quite reached that stage. I have a four year old little girl who is the delight of my existence, and I have recently begun an internship at an event planning company based in New Jersey. 10264848_1451182701789395_2220301425926391485_nI’m an English major with a writing concentration and a heavy focus on folklore and mythology. Anthropology is a hugely fascinating subject to me, and the intersection of Literature and Anthro includes the history and meaning of folk tales, faerie tales and mythologies. I absolutely love to learn and can’t wait to work with the blogging team this autumn to hear everything they have to say, and what YOU have to say. I’ll be posting a quick blog every week this summer to update you not only on the progress of the blog, but also anything of note going on! You can reach me over at Facebook and Twitter with any comments, questions, or suggestions.

I’m going to be working through the summer to archive, organize, and relaunch the blog for this coming fall semester, and I’m ecstatic to be on the job. Over the past week I’ve been working pretty exclusively on the archival processs, and I’ll be preparing for the impending reorganization and relaunch. Rather than remaining the “RCCBlog”, we’re turning into the blog of BSULife, the media and marketing brand of Bridgewater State that encompasses all our

BSULife Departmentsamazing departments.  We are the Print Shop, Radio WBIM, The Comment, this Blog, the Design team, and the Video team.  We are working together and hope to capture the spirit of BSU life and make it accessible to everyone– commuters, residents, faculty and staff, prospective students and alumni, and families. In an effort to relate to each of you, we encourage you to comment on and discuss the materials we contribute, and share your stories and experiences so we can relay your voice and make it heard. If there’s any particular story you want us to focus on, send in your suggestions to my email at j2carr@student.bridgw.edu with the title “BSULife Suggestion” and I’ll review it with my team. Our goal is to connect with you, and connect you with your community. We are all Bridgewater State University, and we are looking to capture BSU Life as it is and as we make it



bristaco So I wish for you a safe, relaxing, summer. I hope that these few months will refresh you and prepare you for the new semester, and that you experience the best break you possibly can. I’ll be here with Bristaco and the summer sessions, so if ever you want to pop in on the blog I’ll endeavor to entertain and inform in the interim. Aside from that, go, have fun, congratulations to those outgoing alumni and rest up for our returning students.

Happy Summer, see you next Fall!



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  • Melanie Mitchell

    Congrats on your first post, Jenn! I’m so excited to see what you make of BSULife!

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