Come See the Bridgewater Triangle Documentary If You Dare!

by Ryan Nicholson on October 23, 2013

bridgewater triangleAs the days draw nearer to Halloween and a supernatural presence starts to inhabit the air, you’ve probably found yourself hearing about something called the “Bridgewater Triangle.” The triangle is an area of about two hundred square miles that seems to be riddled with paranormal mishaps ranging from UFO sightings to satanic rituals. Bridgewater is at the center of this reign, but reports of things out of the ordinary reach out as far as Abington and Seekonk.


Even our campus here at BSU has its fair share of ghost stories. Tales of haunting in Tilly and Shea-Durgin are rather abundant. As I recall hearing something of a headmaster in the 1800′s falling to her death from the roof of Tilly, only to haunt the hall forever afterward. There are innumerable accounts of Shea-Durgin being inhabited by the ghosts of students’ past. Our school has some supernatural street cred worth boasting about. I mean have you been in the basement of the art building? Despite its beautiful exterior our campus definitely has it’s creepy side.

Apart from the haunting on our school grounds, there is equally strange activity in Bridgewater State University’s neighboring towns. Dighton rock has a tendency to be home to satanic ritual; there was even one instance where the area was littered with dead cattle, all of whom had their blood drained. The Hockomock Swamp in West Bridgewater is also host to many supernatural entities: floating orbs, a creature reminiscent of a pterodactyl, and even Bigfoot himself have all been witnessed here.


An especially ghastly outing I’d recommend (if you consider yourself brave enough) would be visiting the dilapidated tuberculosis hospital in Hanson some evening: if you’ve ever had any doubts about all things supernatural whatsoever, I guarantee this place will quickly change your mind.

Ultimately, we live in an area riddled with tales, suspicions, and evidence of an overwhelming amount of unexplainable occurrences.

Luckily for speculators, Bristol-County Media is making an effort to shine some light onto the mystery that shrouds the area known as the “Bridgewater Triangle.” They have gathered and teamed up with many qualified individuals who have experience with the Triangle’s eerie history to make a documentary, appropriately titled “The Bridgewater Triangle.”

This documentary takes a detailed look at many of the sinister myths the area is known for, and through research and documented interview, help understand these stories in a new depth.

I encourage all BSU students to get in touch with their spooky side, and see “The Bridgewater Triangle” Monday, October 28th, at 7:30pm in the Horace Mann Auditorium. Tickets are free for students. Now, I know you all had plans to go out late at night and risk trespassing in order to solve these mysteries yourselves. But now, thanks to Bristol-County Media you can save yourself the trouble (and potential federal offense). Being a student pursing your education in the middle of the “Bridgewater Triangle,” this documentary will be well worth the watch, and perhaps become frighteningly relevant. Perhaps you may even figure out what that noise you’ve been hearing late at night in your dorm room is.

Have you ever experienced anything supernatural on campus? Do you believe the myths of the triangle?

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