The Ghosts of Bridgewater State University

Graphic of a Cartoon Ghost with text that reads BOO

by rmortonbsc on October 27, 2010

Warning! If you are easily scared and do not want to hear about ghostly phenomenon on campus or may be offended by the ghostly content, this post may not be for you.

Have you ever been in your room and heard something go bump in the night?  You think, maybe it was my roommate or  the people above us.  But in the back of your head you start to remember those ghost stories you heard back when you were a freshman… Just close your eyes and go back to sleep because it may have been something out of this world! Or, read these stories and have fun trying to fall asleep tonight! (Insert scary laughing)

-Tillinghast Hall-

Way back before Tillinghast was known as Tilly, it was an all girls dormitory.  It was the original dormitory for the college when it started in the 1800’s.  In those days instead of RA’s there were headmasters.  Tillinghasts headmaster was an old woman who always seemed to be looking to bust some freshman girls for doing something wrong. (Be thankful today’s RA’s are not so mean!)  Rumor has it: the headmaster was woken up in her sleep to the sound of some students causing a ruckus on the roof.  She immediately went down the hall and climbed out the widow where she found the girls causing mischief.  After a mean scolding she followed the girls back through the window, but when it was her turn to climb in she lost her footing and fell off the roof to her death. I worked at Tilly for a semester and I did indeed work in the evening and admit the place was very scary and creepy, but I always walked around upstairs when I had “downtime” and I never heard anything weird.  Go and see for yourselves walk around the upstairs of Tilly at night and test your luck!


The Campus Center at Bridgewater State University is also rumored to have its own ghost.  His name is “George”.  Now I don’t know if he was named by students, faculty, or maybe that was his real name.  Whatever the case may be, don’t be scared, George is not out to scare anyone.  Rumor has it that George likes to play tricks on people and make them re-think what they are doing.  Sometimes he is unlocking locked doors; sometimes he is playing instruments in the auditorium. (I wonder if he is any good.)  There are stories dating way back that tell the creepy tale of George.  He is also rumored to move props around and play with the lights.  Whatever it may be it seems he is just looking for something to amuse himself!  If you are in the Campus Center late at night studying or practicing for the play, you may as well just go along with his jokes or maybe he won’t be so friendly to you!

Below is an alleged photo of George on the Campus Center stage taken by the Project Contemporary Competitiveness high school summer program.  This photo appeared in their yearbook.

George1.jpg picture by rob123

Bridgewater State is rumored to have a lot of ghostly phenomenon around campus and that is only the reported accounts.  There are thousands of new students here each fall, they all must have different encounters in this phenomenon whether they believe it or not.  You could easily hear something and pretend it was just the wind (that’s what I do!) but for some brave students they dive straight into it and investigate.  Just in time for the scary month of October and Halloween; go out and see for yourself! Because I believe that Bridgewater State is still “awake” when you are asleep!

Have you experienced ghostly phenomenon here at BSU? Have you heard any stories that I missed? Have you investigated anywhere on campus?


Thank you Max Quinn for providing us with your Urban Legend Ghost Tour pictures and notes.

Quinn, Peter “Max”. Haunted Family Day/Homecoming 2009. Bridgewater: n.p., 2009. N. pag. Print.

  • Sean

    SheA durgan 4th floor bathroom.. Random showers turn on.. And defiantly the elevators Always opening and goin on there .. And breaking down

  • Laurie

    I am very interested in learning as much as I can about the ghosts of BSU. I am a life long resident of Bridgewater and live near the campus. i would love to hear from anyone and everyone who have stories to tell and/or to tell me more specific details about the stories that are posted. Thanks!

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